What We Do


Feasibility Studies & Business Plans
  • Business Modeling (optional)
  • Market / Competitive / Customer Research (optional)
  • Strategy Development (optional)
  • Financial Models & Projections (optional)
  • Compose a feasibility study or business plan that thoroughly, realistically, and clearly describes the company’s prospects to investors and other stakeholders.
Business Modeling
  • Identify the new business concept’s values, purpose, and vision.
  • Brainstorm relevant business models and analyze their key components.
  • Select the most appropriate revenue, cost, and operational model.
Market / Competitive / Customer Research
  • Assess market size and structure, industry best practices, competitive threats & opportunities, target markets, and the validity of business model assumptions.
  • Primary research: First-hand interviews with industry experts, supply chain participants, comparable companies, and customers.
  • Secondary research: Industry reports, articles, and white papers; comparable company financials; market statistics; internal and external data analytics.
Strategy Development
  • Develop marketing strategy, growth strategy, funding strategy, and operating structure for the business.
Financial Models & Projections
  • Build Excel-based simulation of the company’s unit-level operations and finances, including revenue streams, cost structure, and cash flows.
  • Project growth over time.
  • Base model and projections on adjustable, data-driven assumptions.
Investor Presentations
  • Design presentation structure and content to reflect Angel Investor and Venture Capitalist approaches to conducting due diligence on portfolio companies.
  • Build custom charts to clearly and concisely describe key financial and operational indicators.
  • Coach on presentation style, effectiveness of delivery, and Q&A.