• To improve the world by enabling the commercial success of innovative ideas that create fundamental change.
  • To equip entrepreneurs with the rigorous data-driven modeling capabilities that will enable disciplined strategic, operational, and financial decision-making, that will encourage growing organizations to learn from their experience, and that will result in innovative, scalable, and impactful companies.
  • IntegrityNo BS. Saying what we believe, and doing what we say. Working with clients, partners, and employees that share our focus and values.
  • Individuality - Collaborating on the basis of mutual respect with each client, partner, and employee. Acknowledging individual responsibility for our actions.
  • Ingenuity - Fresh, resourceful, intelligent approaches to each situation. Combining data, frameworks, and creativity in problem solving.
  • Impact - Delivering timely, targeted, tangible results to meet a client’s critical needs, with a diligent focus on the fundamental causes, not just the symptoms, of each situation. Feeling satisfaction in work well done.