Case Studies


Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) for a Leading Conveyor Belt Manufacturer in 2014-2015

Venturesome Consulting designed and built an extensive FP&A reporting portfolio for the head of finance of Ammeraal Beltech North America, a leading conveyor belt manufacturer. We interfaced with back-end technical experts to derive usable insights from messy internal data, enabling the finance team to budget, track, and analyze performance across multiple dimensions of the business.

“Lev and I have been working together since 2011. He is my ‘go to’ financial planning and analysis (FP&A) expert who, without hesitation, I would hire to lead and manage my FP&A team. He was invaluable and indispensable as my FP&A analyst at Ammeraal Beltech. He was instrumental in creating a report portfolio of very complex analyses (and in an antiquated ERP environment) where virtually none previously existed. He is a delight to work with and would be an asset to any corporate finance team.” – Dana Damyen, VP Finance at Ammeraal Beltech North America

Financial Modeling and Investor Presentations for an International Money Transfer Platform in 2012-2015

Pangea Payments graduated from the Impact Engine accelerator at the end of 2012 and needed to convince angel investors and venture capitalists to invest at least $1 million in the venture. Venturesome Consulting worked with Pangea’s leadership team to create financial models, develop strategic scenario analyses, and craft investor presentation documents that helped the founders formulate an effective go-to-market strategy, manage cash flows, meet their short-term financing goals, and raise a total of $8.8 million in funding over the next two years. Venturesome Consulting went on to develop financial planning and analysis frameworks that enable Pangea to evaluate actual performance against goals and manage the financial health of the company.

Financial Modeling for an E-Learning Platform in 2014

After ThinkCERCA‘s graduation from the Impact Engine accelerator at the beginning of 2014, the founders needed a financial model to pitch the company to angel investors and venture capitalists. Venturesome Consulting’s financial modeling work gave ThinkCERCA the support to raise $4.7 million in the next year.

“Lev is an incredibly talented consultant who knows how to build a comprehensive business and financial model. He is easy to work with and I was really impressed on how he molded his model to fit our business and assumptions on drivers. Thanks!” – Abby Ross, Co-Founder & COO at

Business Planning, Financial Modeling, and Investor Presentation for a Social Enterprise Incubator in 2011

In August 2011, Panzanzee‘s founders had 2 weeks to move their concept from a high-level vision of an incubator for social entrepreneurs in Chicago to a credible presentation for an angel investor. Venturesome Consulting:

    • conducted thorough market research on incubator models and local competition
    • provided insights into best practices, financial and operating assumptions, customer acquisition, and growth strategy
    • helped the founders clarify their vision, target market, service offerings, and business model
    • built a robust financial model of Panzanzee’s business
    • helped the founding team create an investor presentation and prepared them to discuss their business model, financials, and strategy intelligently with prospective investors and customers

As a result, the angel agreed to become a board member and invest in Panzanzee’s business, and Panzanzee went on to secure two initial customers within the quarter.

“Lev joined Panzanzee in 2011 to develop our primary financial model and help strategize our business model. He went the extra mile to create a good product and also to become a strong business partner during that period. No doubt he will approach every project with the same mindful diligence. Thanks Lev!!” – Amanda Britt, Panzanzee

Business Planning, Financial Modeling, and Investor Presentation for an Artisanal Blanket Manufacturer in 2011

Hand & Cloth is a social impact enterprise providing dignified work and therapy to victims of human trafficking. In early 2011, it had a small production facility in Bangladesh and an attractive product targeted at US consumers, but was having difficulty scaling the business due to insufficient resources and lack of a strategy for operational growth and market penetration. Venturesome Consulting recruited and led an interdisciplinary team of business and non-profit consultants that

    • researched the market, customers, and competitors
    • clarified the target market and developed a marketing strategy
    • designed an operating framework that would support organizational growth
    • built a robust financial model to serve as the analytics engine for business planning, forecasting, and learning purposes
    • instituted performance and social impact metrics
    • presented the business plan to investors at the University of Chicago’s Social New Venture Challenge competition

Hand & Cloth was a finalist in the competition and, in the following year, was able to double the scale of its business.

“The expertise at Venturesome Consulting has been deeply helpful for our social enterprise in South Asia.” – Hand & Cloth